Sunscreen 101

You have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing a sunblock. If you go to your local drug store you’ll be faced with many different types, brands, SPF ratings, and prices.  Your quest for the perfect sunscreen that will meet your expectations, and give you proper protection for your particular lifestyle can be a daunting task. So let’s look at some of the most important aspects that should influence the purchase of you next sunscreen.

What is sunscreen?

Sunscreen, also known as sunblock, is a lotion or spray gel that aids in the protection of your skin by blocking the sun’s ultraviolet rays.  Sunscreen can aid in the prevention of sunburn, hyperpigmentation, premature aging of the skin and decrease your risk of skin cancer. Continued use of sunscreen has been also shown to slow the developments of wrinkles and saggy skin.



Sunblock’s are available in a wide array of SPF protection strengths, but what is that exactly?  SPF stands for “sun protection factor” and it’s a way of measuring how good a sunscreen will protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.  Generally people do not read the instructions on their sunscreen, which can result in under application and less sun protection. It’s important to have the right sunblock for the activity you are engaged in.  As a general rule of thumb you should reapply sunblock at least every 2 hours to maximize protection from the sun.


Essential blemish prevention

If you are prone to acne, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots then sunscreen is an absolute non-negotiable must have protection. It should be a staple in your skin care regimen, and used diligently. UV rays activate the skin cells that produce melanin, if left unprotected dark spots and blemishes can become worse with exposure to the sun.  Don’t be fooled by overcast and or rainy days, regardless of what the weather forecast is, you must still apply sunscreen.  Although your exposure to direct sunlight might be reduced, remember that up to 40% of the Sun’s UV rays can penetrate through clouds fog and mist.


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2 thoughts on “Sunscreen 101

  1. Sasha says:

    I need some help. I tend to have dry skin lately, but I get sweaty and shiny easily.
    Any chemical sunscreens give me breakouts. The complexity of it all is enough to make me say forget it, but then there is this new brown sun spot looking at me too, and I do not want to see more of these. I didn’t see any damage for years and years, but now wish I had been more careful! Advice is welcome.

  2. equestrienne says:

    I would try a well formulated hylauronic acid serum to wear underneath a physical sunscreen to give you lightweight moisture. A good vitamin C serum will also help with lightening hyperpigmentation.

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